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The issues touched by Flag of Compassion, are among others, empathy, mercy, nobility and altruism.

www.flagofcompassion.com www.undafoundation.com

The purchaser receives a numbered certificate in Dutch and English. The certificate describes the idea behind the artwork. It is also a guarantee that the work of art is authentic. This is a common practice in the art world for a not signed work of art.

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Distribution network

* On the website www.flagofcompassion.com one can find all information on the artwork Flag of Compassion.

* Flag of Compassion is active on Facebook and Linkedin.

* The Flag can be raised in art exhibitions (e.g. Sonsbeek 2008: Grandeur and Niet Normaal, Difference on Display).

* The Flag is for sale as an art piece. A collector can include it - and with it the idea behind its concept- within his or her art collection.

The Flag can also be sold as a tool, so one can fly it in the open to express compassion.

* The Flag can be offered to a head of state to draw attention to the sense of compassion (e.g. H.R.H. Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands, the H.H. the Dalai Lama).

* The Flag can be deployed during specific demonstrations.

* Flag twirlers can use the flag to perform their traditional twirling patterns.