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The name Unda Foundation is chosen because the flag shows a golden yellow 'wave' in a white field. Unda is Latin for wave.

The foundation is part of the art work and aims to propagate a specific idealistic notion: Compassion.

The board of the Unda Foundation.

The Foundation has invited the Netherland Red Cross to donate the profits made from the sales of the Flag during the Sonsbeek 2008: Grandeur exhibition in Arnhem, to a humanitarian organisation of its choice. The donation will go to Myanmar.

The profits resulting from the sales of the Flag during the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Amsterdam in 2009 will go to the Dhonden Foundation.

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The Flag is administered and protected by the Unda Foundation.

The members of the board are distinguished people from different worlds: law, publicity, politics, finances and art.
This expressses the idea that not one person but a group of professionals are responsible for the idea behind the Flag of Compassion and its finances.

On August 29, 2008 the memorandum of association of the Unda foundation was passed. In the statutes the aim has been described: managing and propagating the Flag of Compassion.

The foundation, i.e. the board, functions as the conscience of the Flag. It does not conclude of its own accord whether or when there is compassion. But it activates and stimulates people to think about the notion of compassion and challenges them to do something with the Flag. Subsequently the Foundation asks them to make their reasons known and visible in the form of a story and photographs, to thereby load this concept, notion and artwork with new meanings. For this purpose the board has made up a policy plan.

The members of the board preserve
the philosophy behind it and supervise the profit from sales. Profits from sales are meant for supporting charitable trusts. The Foundation decides which charity the profits will be donated to.