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The necessary role of art in our time.

We live in a complex world full of spiritual and religious conflicts. It is a world that is mostly governed by economic interests.
The behaviour of the 'consumer’ is emphasized at the expense of nature and human values. This disruption of the world is evident in, for example, estrangement, war, famine, and a global displacement of refugees, which increases for many people the need for safety, security, trust and compassion.
As an artist, I feel that this condition necessitates research into themes such as disruption, estrangement, isolation and the related ideas of safety, security, steadfastness and identity.
This search for a more humane, harmonious and balanced life is basically a search for a Homeland. Everyone searches for a Homeland based on his personal background.
The definition of the concept of a Homeland is different for everyone. However, these personal interpretations have much in common, because they are an essential part of life.
In my work I strive to create spaces, which are an asylum for our intuition, memories, desires and fantasies, places where the border between our inner world and the outer world becomes vague or completely disappears.
A recurrent theme in my work is the ‘unmentionable’; that which is not spoken, that which is not named – void and absence are aspects of it. Our conscious knowledge of this internal silence, muteness or stillness within us forms an important part in our understanding of life.
This theme is embedded in an artistic form which functions emotionally as well as spiritually.
The use of various forms and techniques such as photography, video, sculpture and installation, emphasize that it is not the external appearance that is central in my work, but that it is the expression of a conceptual point of view that I want to communicate.
A reoccurring aspect in my work is the combination of elements taken from different cultures to express a universality: the life and survival of the human -his vulnerability, the loss of individuality, as well as the drama and power, beauty and euphoria that this encompasses.
In this turbulent world it is necessary that the art world offers the public a platform where, in contrast to the abundant circulation of images and comments from the media, it will be confronted with a more individual and open, concentrated and visual vision of the world in which we live. April 2006