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Marja Bloem is an independent curator, frequently writing on contemporary art. From 1971 to 2005 she worked at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as Curator for Exhibitions where she was responsible for organizing innumerable important group and solo exhibitions.

Drs. M.J.A.L. Bloem

Mr. H.J. Bunjes

Prof. Mr. E. Dommering

Mr. J. Kohnstamm

Some images stay in my mind forever. The old man, dressed in grey, performing a ‘prayer’ with the yellow and white Flag of Compassion of the Unda Foundation is one of these pictures. Praying and compassion, in my opinion, are closely related. Compassion is a universal quality and it is important to assist in spreading this throughout the world.

Another reason I like the Unda Foundation is that the idea of compassion is understood in a very general way; compassion can be felt for anything, anywhere, it is not related to a specific country, culture or humanitarian problem. Wherever or whenever there is a need, the
Flag of Compassion should be raised.

For these reasons I am delighted to be on the Committee of Recommendation of the Unda Foundation, and to be able to put my energy into raising this flag as often as possible.

Mrs. P.C. Krikke

Lady Olga Maitland

Bob H.M.G. van der Mast

Prof. dr. G. Morello

Ramsey Nasr

Prof. dr. H.W.van Os

Drs. L. Polman

Bert Steevensz

Julienne Straatman

Suzanne Tesselaar

Anna Tilroe

Prof. drs. P.J. Scheffer

Frederique Vles-Jager

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