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Rob en Marij Scholten: Congratulations to the Food Bank


Roermond, 16th of March 2018

Congratulations to the Food Bank

Opposite our house in Roermond (NL) the Voedselbank (Food Bank) Midden-Limburg found a new accommodation. 16th of March the Voedselbank is officially opened by councillor Marianne Smitsman. To cordially congratulate the Voedselbank with the new location we wave the Flag of Compassion on the 16th and 17th of March and we hand over a welcome letter with an explanation of the Flag. We think that the thought of compassion suits the initiative of the Voedselbank and we would like to express it in this way. By means of Flag of Compassion we wish the Voedselbank in Roermond success.

Rob and Marij Scholten










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