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Flag of Compassion ®

Flag of Compassion is a conceptual artwork that consists of the word “compassion”,
an instrument “the Flag”, a Manifesto, the Unda Foundation and a distribution network including this website.
This work of art is created by Rini Hurkmans.

The Flag of Compassion is a symbol for the concept of compassion and thus conveys a universal value. 
It is a flag for and of everyone. 

Flag twirler: Mr. Engelen from Deurne, The Netherlands. 
This video work Flag Twirler is part of the installation Homeland Part V

With Festivals for Compassion festivals around Europe express their solidarity in these times of Corona by presenting a new solo composition by the Greek-Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki. Each festival selects their own artist and instrument. The piece will be premiered on the Dutch NPO Radio 4 on 20 June, with the Flemish Klara taking over the next day. After this, like a relay race of compassion, the work will begin its journey through Europe travelling from festival to festival, and will be shared online.