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Flag of Compassion ®

Flag of Compassion is a conceptual artwork that consists of the word “compassion”,
an instrument “the Flag”, a Manifesto, the Unda Foundation, and a distribution network including this website.
This work of art is created by Rini Hurkmans.

The Flag of Compassion is a symbol for the concept of compassion and thus conveys a universal value. 
It is a flag for and of everyone. 

Flag twirler: Mr. Engelen from Deurne, the Netherlands. 
This video work Flag Twirler is part of the installation Homeland Part V.

With Festivals for Compassion, European festivals show their hearts full of compassion and solidarity with everyone who has been affected in any way by Corona and express this by sharing a specially written solo composition by the Greek-Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki. The piece will have its premiere on the Dutch radio station NPO Radio 4 on the 20th of June in 2020, after which the Flemish Klara will take over one day later. Thereafter, like a compassion relay, the work will travel from festival to festival crisscrossing through Europe and will be shared online. Each festival selects its own artist and instrument to perform the composition.